Why You Need Tik Tok To Be Your Newest Marketing Service

Why You Need Tik Tok To Be Your Newest Marketing Service

It is often hard to keep up with the newest trends these days. It feels like each month there is something new that people are pining over. Instagram, Vine, Twitter, and Snapchat are just a few of these examples. Another platform to add to that list is Tik Tok, the newest social media/content creation app that has truly rocked and changed our world. And trust us when we say that this is a trend you will definitely want to be a part of.


Tik Tok is a social media platform in which users can create videos up to 60 seconds long with whatever content they desire. Ever since March when most of the world went into quarantine, the app’s popularity soared. The demographics went from a dominant group of Generation Z users to older generations and people who once swore they would never download the app. Luckily, that means that we all have been able to see some great and interesting content from users all over the world.

Tik Tok and musicians

Tik Tok and musicians

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So how can musicians benefit and maneuver the Tik Tok world you might be wondering, well the options are truly unlimited. With Tik Tok, there are no boundaries, and the more out of the box your content is, the greater the results will be. Whether it is short musical covers, music-infused comedy sketches, and impersonations, Tik Tokers love to see it. 


Tik Tok is arguably the best place to show your talent at this moment. Bands and solo artists are taking full advantage while the exposure on the app is in high demand. Musicians have been sharing snippets of songs and covers which have put fans at ease in the midst of all the changes happening in the music world. Users tend to push the normal boundaries on sharing their content on the app. They use intriguing video transitions and sound clips to show how creative they can be with their work. 


There are also Tik Toks out there that are simply taken in a room with great acoustics in their home and then there are others that blow people’s minds with how original their work is. Both of these types of videos are welcomed and embraced, users like them all, especially when there is a fair mix of simple and complex content. Users such as @lipcandymusic are gaining a following by their lead singer posting funny Tik Toks teasing the emo and punk music industry, while also showing off his powerful vocals. Ideas such as these make musicians stand out as they promote their talent and music. That being said, there are no rules when it comes to Tik Tok which is why it is the perfect app to share your music on.



Creating a persona and brand behind your music should be an important aspect of your work. Tik Tok is an extension of the social media world and should be used as such. As mentioned before, videos with the simplest of content to extremely creative ones are all welcomed on the platform. Let that be an opportunity to show more of who you are and what your music stands for. This could be executed in a number of ways. 


Tik Tok user @tyzobloom takes full advantage of this opportunity by creating unique Tik Toks remaking popular songs with his equipment and actual vegetables. By creating such quirky and original Tik Toks, a specific brand for his music and work is also being created. Whether it is getting creative and going about in your own way or recreating popular Tik Toks in your own fashion, your audience is more eager than you know to get to know who you really are. Why not share it in such a creative way. Oftentimes, musical artists won’t just limit themselves to posting music Tik Toks but will branch out and create content that just shows off who they are. That could mean original videos sharing something funny/interesting, or using the multitude of sounds to voice over popular content heard all over Tik Tok. 



Other great amenities of this platform are the wide varieties of communities created. With a very specific and complex algorithm, Tik Toks always make their way to the appropriate audience. This creates a space for like-minded users to discuss their thoughts in the comments section and develop relationships and band people together from their interests. As a musician, this is another great way to get connected and even work with people that appreciate your music. 


Tik Tok offers the “duet” feature which allows users to be a part of other users’ videos, putting them side by side. For example, Tik Tok user @apsloan01 dueted two Tik Toks from @aye.itslyric to create a three-part harmony recreating Radiohead’s “Creep”. With this feature, two amazing vocalists came together and also influenced a comment section full of people that enjoyed the content and shared their thoughts and ideas on it. For musicians especially, this feature creates a great way to share and show musical ability and creativity. We have seen duets adding in harmonies and melodies to what was once a simple song. We’ve seen artists getting to interact with people listening and singing their music. Features like this form groups within the Tik Tok world for people to come together and interact in a day in age when our contact is very limited.



So, have we sold you yet? Don’t waste any more time, download Tik Tok and you will begin to expand your career in ways you never thought about. Tik Tok can be a bit intimidating when first starting, and might take a while to get the hang of. Once you get into there is no turning back. It’s a major game-changer and we can’t wait to see what you all create. Use this platform to work your creative muscles, create interesting content, but most importantly to have fun! That’s what your audience wants to see and it will make the process that much more enjoyable for you! And don’t forget to hashtag #melboss, so we can see what you’re up to!


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