Marketing is arguably one of the most important aspects of the music industry. Without it, no one would know about all the great music that has been created and produced. If it isn’t being promoted and is just sitting on your computer, its potential is wasting away. In a fast-paced environment such as the music industry, there is no time to waste. Here are a few things to think about as you engage in your musical endeavors to spread your music and create your audience.


Do Your Homework

There is a lot that happens behind the computer screens before we see the funny tweet or the stunning photo that is posted. Make it your mission to research all of the social and marketing platforms available and pick and choose which ones will suit you and your brand and how best to use them. Look at how other artists use such platforms to not only promote themselves but capture their brand and message. 


Get To Know Your Audience

Do you know who is following your music and liking all of your social media posts? You should! Use the analytics resources available to see who is actively interacting with you and even the demographics. Instagram Insights and Spotify do great jobs of showing you who and where your fans are. Engage and build relationships with the people that are following your music progress. Your career will thank you later!                                                                                                 


Make Your Music Your Top Priority

Music should always be the most important thing in your career. Marketing is of course important but it won’t matter if you aren’t creating music you like and feel confident and passionate about. When you create music you love and feel good about, marketing and promoting it will come much more naturally.


Put Yourself Out There

Now is not the time to hold back! Take advantage of all of the platforms and opportunities available to spread your music and messages. Don’t feel intimidated and compare your position to where other musicians are in their progress in marketing. Instead, take on the challenge head-on and commit to your choices. Trust us, people are going to want to see what you’ve got going on.


Market Your Music On And Off The Web

Don’t neglect the original methods of music marketing before the age of technology. What we see in our outside world still influences us. That means that posters with original graphics, appearing on radio shows, going out into your community to promote and perform your music are all still great means of music marketing.


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