Following our post about the music education LA has to offer and The Hollywood Reporter’s ranking of America’s 10 Best Music Schools, here’s the second part of our selection of music schools in the world’s capital of entertainment which is home to music institutions of international renown.


The Los Angeles Film School, founded in 1999, has rapidly become a leading academic center for aspiring filmmakers, animators, recording engineers and game producers. The accredited college offers degrees in Film, Audio, Games Animation, Enternainment Business and more recently Music Production.

Its Music Production program is a career-focused and accredited Associate of Science Degree. The fact that the school is located in the heart of LA gives its students unparalleled access to professionals within the industry.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

pinnacle college

The Pinnacle College offers 4 different programs in Audio Engineering, Music Production, Pro Tools Certification and Video Game Sound Design. This boutique trade school has more than 40 years experience in Audio Engineering, this school has instructors who are working industry professionals which provide hand-on experience to their students. To learn more about Audio Engineering, give their blog a good read!


LAMA, College for Music Professionals, offers a range of bachelor, A.A. and diploma programs in Drum Performance, Guitar Performance, Vocal Artist Development, Bass Performance, Music Producing & Recording and Composing for Visual Media. They also have a number of courses which can be carried out online. They have a new bachelor of music degree in Music Performance and Music Production for 2014.


Last but not least in our list is Recording Connection, an alternative audio institute. This school’s approach to music education puts the student in the heart of the professional industry where it trains you as an apprentice inside a major recording studio, giving aspiring audio engineers or music producers  a full hands-on experience and preparation.The school works with hundreds of top recording studios around the country giving students valuable connections in the industry. As an apprentice, there’s no need for classrooms when you’re already inside a major studio.

Also Recording Connection makes sure that each curriculum is tailored around the student’s specific goals. The Recording Connection Audio Institute is endorsed by hundreds of audio engineers and music producers because they believe in its mentor apprentice method of education.

What have your experiences been in any of these or other schools in the LA area? Let us know!