A thing or two you should know about music marketing


Putting your finger on your passion can take a while and it takes more than talent to get the exposure you’re looking for. It never hurts to learn a thing or two about marketing.

Understanding the music industry and what music marketing entails will allow you to raise awareness about your music. This should translate into getting gigs, making sales and moving your music forward. Being talented and letting people know you’re talented are two completely different things which is why it is important you grasp some basic notions of marketing and realize how important it is in your career. Recording a great album and distributing it accordingly doesn’t necessarily mean people will buy it or download it. Marketing will let people know that your music exists and convince them to give you a listen.

What makes your music worth trying as opposed to the other thousands of new acts who are fighting to get the same attention? Besides your talent, you need to define your USP, this is your Unique Selling Point. A USP will make you stand out from the crowd, and help people relate to you. This will add value to your brand, and give your audience something new that they’re not getting elsewhere. You may be lucky and have a natural USP or you may have to work hard on defining it. It could be the peculiarity of your voice, or how you deliver songs on stage. Whatever it may be, your goal is to start creating long-term relationships with your fans. The xx’s minimalist and futuristic beats or Amy Winehouse’s instantly recognizable voice are a good example of this.

Fans are a very important building block in your  strategy by getting them involved in your marketing. By embracing interaction with your fans, you transform your marketing into a two-way process. Fans will become more involved in your professional journey and your relationship with fans will be stronger and more valuable. Your fans will become loyal to your music and spur word of mouth marketing by telling their friends about you. Getting your fans involved in something you must keep in mind online and offline.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Online media is certainly making marketing an easier job. You should certainly put the effort into addressing your fans on social networks such as Twitter or your Facebook page, instead of limiting yourself to just posting your music and announcing gig dates. Your efforts will pay off before you know it. Fans love the idea of getting involved with projects or collaborations. The Vaccines did a good job on their video for “Wetsuit” which was entirely crowdsourced from fans submitting images on Instagram to have them featured in the videoclip pour remplacer le viagra. These marketing actions create priceless engagement with fans.

However, just because online media seems to be first choice for promoting music, don’t underestimate offline efforts in marketing your music. Your concerts are the main reason why offline marketing is so important. No social media platform will equate to being face to face with your fans. It’s also a great moment to sell physical CDs, any merchandise or make money from royalties. Chasing up opportunities is another tactic which should also be carried out using offline methods. Whilst your email may be just another message amongst thousands of others in an overloaded inbox, a phone call or going to see them in person may prove to be more effective because of how you can deliver yourself as well as speeding things up a little.

Image: Pollobarba