Melboss presents IRKO, Multi Platinum Award Winning Audio Engineer


Melboss presents IRKO, Multi Platinum Award Winning Audio Engineer

Interview with Irko.

The following video contains a Q&A with the world-renowned audio engineer IRKO. He discusses the transformative power of Melboss and what it takes to succeed within the music industry.

He has mixed with meticulous precision for award-winning artists globally, and his advice can help hone your craft.

Check out how quality engagement with collaborators, through the Melboss platform, can guide you towards the winning formula.

Q: Can you describe in short what is your job in the industry, and your responsibilities?

A: Well I’m an audio engineer that means I record and mix records in recording studios like this. What happens typically is that the producers send me to session where everything is recorded, produced, and everything. And I put it all together, mix it properly on boards like this, and I make it sound great. As best as it can possibly sound. So my responsibility is that, make sure that technically the song is good, but also that artistically the message that’s contained in the song comes through.

Q: What is expected of an artist today to provide or represent, as opposed to back in the days?

A: Well back in the days, labels used to train, used to groom artists. They used to have talent research, A&R, and talent development. Now a days all of that is gone, so all of the development is on the artist. So, what an artist needs to have? Definitely all the training necessary.

Q: How do you find artists? What qualities an artist should have in order to make it?

A: In my humble opinion an artist needs to be different, needs to bring something new to the table that’s not available yet in order to make it. Because if not, if you are going to be the new Beyonce, I’m just going to listen to the Beyonce. You know? So, be new, be yourself, bring whatever it is. I’m doing that as an audio engineer. You know? I bring my Italianism and my little accent. You should do the same right?

Q: Did Melboss improved your work? And connections?

A: Melboss is a great place of connection between the industry professionals and those that want to be in that industry. So definitely get on it, what are you doing man?

Q: What tips can you give passionate musicians who are serious about their music career?

A: Well, the first tip is jump in the dark. You need to jump man. Get ready, and that’s the other tip. Definitely get ready, do all your research and find out what your competitors are doing and make sure you know what is their winning elements. Not to copy, but to understand what’s winning and what’s not. And then just jump man, you just got to do the leap in the dark and have faith and if it has to happen and if it’s meant to happen and if you want it to happen, it will happen. Hopefully.


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