Artist Applications for Melboss Open 2019 now open

Perform at Melboss Open 2019

Artist Applications for Melboss Open 2019 now open

This June, new opportunities present themselves to both emerging and established artists through The Melboss Open 2019. This event will host international and local music industry figures, for a chance to interact and further their careers.

In collaboration with Utopicus and Sony ATV, the annual Melboss Open is set to take place Wednesday, June 19th at the striking Utopicus Space in Gran Via. With approximately 500 industry professionals in attendance, artists are encouraged to apply for a chance to perform.

The evening will start off with 3 Round-Table discussions; touching on topics of Production, Music & Brands and Women within the Industry. This event will host numerous important individuals of the music industry; Rafa Sardina (Grammy Winner Producer/ Mixer/Engineer), María Baena Wehrmann (head of Synch & Marketing at Sony/ATV), Eva Cibrián (Vice President of the Latin Grammy Board of Directors), Sandra Delaporte (Singer, composer & producer) and many more. This event will be open to all music professionals. Following this, an exclusive Melboss Open Party for music industry players will take place. Here, a number of different showcases will occur and will be a wonderful opportunity for networking, building & uplifting new talent and building relationships. Not to mention, all attendants will be get to enjoy performances by emerging artists, as they share the stage with some of the more established artists as well.

The registration period for artists who would like to perform started May 17th and will end June 9th. Melboss Music will then choose two talented artists (artist/band and a DJ) to perform at the Melboss Open and announce the winners on Tuesday June 11th. Those selected will be in the presence of extremely influential individuals of the music industry, and get a chance to interact with these figures.

To apply, one must have a Melboss account. If one doesn’t have an account they can easily create a profile via

Once the profile has been created, one must apply though at a chance to perform at the Melboss Open 2019.

Important note: Artists sending in their submission will get a 25% discount on our digital marketing services.

We hope to see you June 19th!

The Melboss Team

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