Throughout the month of May, Melboss Music will be hosting a masterclass every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday starting on the 8th and ending on the 31st. The goal of the course is to help emerging musicians create strategies, define their brand, gain fans, develop a team and create a proper business model where concert and opportunity searches result in pure success.

The schedule consists of 5 different modules with talks given by Francisco Buendía (CEO Melboss Music, Inc.), Nathy Faria (Singer & advisor at Agencia de soluciones creativas para la música, BR), Luis Ruano (CEO Ricari Venture Capital), Manuel Colmenero (Award Winning Music Producer & Sound Engineer), Nacho Nabscab (Photographer) and Carlos Galán (Founder of SUBTERFUGE). It will then finish with a live musical performance.

Module 1 – DIY

In the new business model for the music industry, artists must form and evolve on their own. With this new approach, it is important to first define the meaning of success, create a strategy to achieve such success and finally, perform and execute that strategy.

How and when do you form a team? When should you search for a manager or agent? How can you successfully promote your brand? What is the most efficient way to receive funding?

Module 2 – Music Production

Music production has vastly changed throughout the years and the producers are playing a more visible role in an artist’s development.

This module offers a detailed and practical explanation on the process of song production. Concrete examples will be provided and analyzed in detail.

What variables define a good song? How can you achieve something different that still connects with the public?

Module 3 – Touring and Live Events

Live performances are becoming more and more important for bands and concert promoters. They have transformed into fundamental components for artist development.

Promoters invest in the radio, press and online advertisements in order to increase an artist’s visibility and concentrate on the fans that help them grow as an artist. Promoters, managers and other music industry professionals recognize new opportunities for artistic development.

Module 4 – Brands

Brands are being used more and more in the music business as a form of creative expression and are being used to create experiences that get you closer to your fans.

What kinds of artists and concerts are looking to sponsor? What new models of collaboration are emerging between brands and musicians?

Module 5 – Mentoring Sessions

This module will consist of 30 minute personalized sessions (1 on 1) with well-known managers, A&Rs, producers and promoters.

Lasting a total of 36 hours, the course begins at 6:30pm and ends at 9:30pm. The prices for the course are as follows:

  • Super Early Bird Discount (Until the 17 of March): 490€
  • Early Bird Discount (Until the 21 of April): 750€
  • Regular Price: 990€

The goal of this series of masterclasses is to help the student learn how to continue growing as an artist and create more efficient and strategic methods. Melboss is always looking for ways to help you improve as a musician.

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