DJs: the rock stars of today


EDM”s unprecedented outburst into mainstream spotlight is a cultural revolution which explains why the likes of David Guetta, Skrillex and Calvin Harris have become some of the biggest names in today”s commercial music spectrum and have acquired a huge influence on youth culture.

Once mainstream, electronic dance music is growing in popularity, turning DJ producers into celebrities with rock-star cred. It”s no wonder critics have drawn parallels between today”s EDM and rock music from the 70s and 80s.

Guetta, probably responsible for leading the EDM charge into mainstream and boasting two Grammy awards, says: “Hip-hop went from the ghetto to trendy to mainstream, and the same thing is happening with EDM.”

Skrillex is another figurehead of America”s mainstream EDM whose popularity apparently came from nowhere. The dubstep star went from sleeping on friends” sofas to remixing Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars and infiltrating the US charts.

This year, if there”s one artist who is riding a wave of success, it”s Avicii, who is now considered to be the third most important DJ in the world. This Swede, despite his passion for music, never brought himself to learn to play an instrument. Electronic music was a way of learning a style of music quickly and his way of getting into the industry.

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