New Year Music Resolutions

New Year Music Resolutions

The New Year is upon us which makes for a great opportunity in many peoples’ minds to take on challenges and pursue dreams.

One of the biggest things on musicians’ minds is success. However, success is a concept which varies for every musician and it is up to you to define what it means in your own career. There is really no standard to follow when it comes to identifying which metrics evaluate your progress.

It’s important to focus on yourself, and not get tied up in how others define success. Technology has given us unlimited possibilities in choosing our own paths and building our careers on our own terms. Labels no longer take control of our choices. However, amid internet uproar, it’s easy for musicians to get carried away by what is known as vanity metrics. These are metrics which apparently give us a hint on how we’re doing and the level of buzz we are generating, but in the end aren’t defining a long-term strategy and will sooner or longer prove to be superficial. This could translate in obsessing over Facebook likes, Twitter followers and even Youtube hits. It’s important to not let these metrics talk over what’s really important.

If anything this year, focus on numbers which really do matter. Have you established a core following on Facebook? Are your followers interacting and engaging with your music?  Is their feedback positive and are you taking to into account? Is your email listing improving? How many people are actually turning up to your gigs and is this number growing?  How many shows have you got booked?download full movie Bad Moms

As much as networking, marketing, updating facebook and booking are important, be sure to dedicate some time every day this year to your talent and growing us an artist: advancing your music skills and exploring new musical paths.

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