Our Christmas wish for the music business

Our Christmas wish for the music business

Christmas is one of those magical moments in the year where we all make wishes. Our wish is quite simple, and it is the mission behind Melboss.

We wish for a change in the music industry. In the last decade the impact of technology and social media have practically ripped the industry apart, changing the way things work forever. This is why it is so important for anyone seeking a career in music to learn to leverage the trends that will carry on shaping the music business. However, despite the digital era, a big part of the music industry is still restrained to old-fashioned ways. So much more can be done thanks to the internet to rid the music industry from analogical ineffectiveness. Our mission is to help music professionals develop their music careers and help them break free from traditional limitations. We want musicians to make the most out of the power of the internet to create bigger and better opportunities for themselves, and to connect with the music industry in ways they would have never imagined possible.

23 year-old Youtube sensation, Alex Day, was determined to produce a hit despite having little idea of music production and going by without a manager or a record label. However, he chased his dream and achieved the highest charting single by an unsigned artist. We hope his Ted Talk serves as inspiration for you, and we wish you a very Merry Christmas

We’re certain 2014 will be full of opportunities, and we hope to see you on Melboss very soon!watch movie Batman: The Killing Joke now


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