TikTok Trends in 2023

TikTok Trends in 2023

With the rise of social platforms and the music industrys’ constant evolution, Tik Tok has taken the upper hand as it has emerged as a vital tool for music promotion. The influence and growth of Tik Tok for artists in music discovery imply we must keep up with the trends and leverage the strategy that the algorithm enhances in content creation to optimize success.

Today, we will be going over the touchstones of Tik Toks’ latest 2023 Trend Report to make sure you are on the right track in the development of your content strategy. 

But first of all, what is TikToks’ definition of a trend? Even though we often associate trends with popular videos and audio clips, the platform analyzes trends at different speeds and sizes to counterbalance the fleeting characteristics of virality. This way they offer a broader cultural landscape that will help creators understand the creativity and behaviors on the platform. 

TikTok makes a three-way division of culture speeds: first, “Moments”, refer to those timely creative creations that gain traction and buzz in a period of days to weeks (popular sounds, hashtags, formats…). Secondly,  “Signals”, which refer to surfacing interests and behaviors in users over the months through emerging patterns in content creation. And last but not least, “Forces”, that stands as the driving cultural influences that will guide long term practices and actions over neighboring years, and which will be the focus of the trend insights. 

TikTok Speeds of Culture. Source: TikTok 2023 Trend Report.

Before digging into the forces that are driving TikTok, we must highlight that the platforms’ community has moved forward in the influence of inspiring new ideas across cultures. This has evolved into taking the next step: making a change. TikTok users seek  deeper guidance to open their own path to success and creators will be the tool to help them. When it comes to artist, you can adapt the following strategies to your music creation and your artists personality.

1. "Actionable Entertainment"

TikToks’ personalized content revolves around attention and trust through entertainment. The quality of your content should be reinforced by a good storytelling strategy that moves people to take off-platform action. Along with this trend signal, the “investigation” face of TikTok to uncover truths and offer credibility as well as cultivating the customer- creator relationship to make your audience “ambassadors” of your brand are two other trend vital trend signals that we must take into consideration when it comes to our entertainment strategy.

Once you have your strategy settled, you can strengthen its appeal through editing techniques such as voiceover effects, text overlays, or syncing audios with transitions. There are multiple editing and smart video tools available that can make the job easier. Make sure you spend time on TikTok to see what type of stories captivate your audience to adapt the right creative strategies and hashtags to your identity. And dont forget authenticity is key.

2. "Making Space for Joy"

TikTok has always been a safe space for people to share their personal experiences and passion, receiving feedback, advice, and support from its community. Offering meaningful content is one of the perfect underlying basis that will guarantee you connect with your audience. This doesn’t necessarily mean having to offer advice (for example “life-hacks”), but giving a way for users to enjoy, relax and ease their time on the platform. Indeed, according to Tik Tok. 4 out of 10 users say “lifting their spirits” is decisive in motivating them to make a purchase and 92% said positive emotions have resulted in them taking an off-platform action.

This can be summed up in three main trend signals: using humor, offering personalized everyday solutions, and showing them ways to enjoy their time, all of it through a lens of your offer and identity.

3. "Community-built"

People come to TikTok to find community. Settling in a specific niche that offers relatable content and inspires others is king when it comes to deepening your connection wiith your audience. Understanding their needs and thoughts and making your strategy revolve around it will help you bond with your followers and wake up the interest of new ones.

To achieve this goal, there are three trend signals we must highlight: the first one, creating new conversations and unique solutions to satisfy their needs and curiosity through inspiring mindsets and behaviors (for example, if you’re an artist you can show the things you do to find inspiration to write songs or techniques when you’re singing). 


The second one is giving and receiving support and positivity through the process, a learning path that shows ways of personal and professional growth in an undertaking community-built success (for example, sharing life lessons you’ve learned in your journey). 


And the third one is relatability, showing the accessible everyday facet of your life that brings you closer to your audience and will inspire them to follow you in your journey, motivating them to take part in it.

Definitely, TikTok has provided and unprecedented opportunity for creators and artists to reach new fans and bring their career to new heights. Staying up to date with the transforming cultural forces that drive its community to your brand is a touchstone that will uplift your digital marketing strategies and draw them to what you have to offer. Make sure you check out our blogs “How to work your music on tik tok” and “TikTok 101: Layering strategy” for more tips on how to work your content on the social media giant.

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