TIK TOK 101: Layering strategy

TIK TOK 101: Layering strategy

Everybody knows Tik Tok is one of the biggest platforms to reach your ideal audience and promote your work. But what moves the audience? Even though the outreach and traction of your content depend on many variables defined by its algorithm, there are tips we can have in mind when we create content to improve the possibilities of engaging with what you have to offer.

Today we will be digging deeper into one of the most successful strategies that will help you build a coherent storyline around your content: Layering. But, what is layering? Layering is the process of adding complexity and depth to a piece of content through a series of elements. Nowadays, attention spans are short due to the saturation of our social media feeds, making layering a technique that helps capture our attention and enhance the overall experience through visual and sound effects. It may look obvious, but designing the right layering strategy can save you a lot of headaches and skyrocket your content.

However, content creation for artists has a certain difficulty. Music is already integrated into the Tik Tok culture. And even though the music should stand out alone, when it comes to marketing on social media, the attraction relies elsewhere. Songs are ingrained as part of video creation and using the context to your advantage will be the challenge that engages your audience.

This is why it is important for us to build a storytelling strategy that will awe your viewers and retain their attention. This will increase your chances of them taking action on your message. Therefore, the key is finding a natural way that not only portrays value but helps your viewers earn the trust of your content. When it comes to an artist’s organic content, we can outline a number of tips to consider when we start layering our videos:

1. Baseline Layer: the heart of your content

This will be the concept that will sustain the story we will build around it. In most cases for artists, it will be listening to newly released music (singles, albums…) or other self-promotion concepts (concerts, tours, experiences, artists’ personalities…). It may look obvious, but identifying this correctly will set the foundations of how you will plan your content through the value of your baseline music and your personality, avoiding getting lost in the desired virality that can sometimes mislead us when we execute our content creation. Later on, when you have accomplished the transmission of your basic baseline, you can extend your creative content to other complex ones. 

The simplest concepts can be the most effective. The now famous singer JVKE began by showing us his song through the reaction of his piano teacher. The value given to the piano part makes the audience be on edge to know if her teacher approves, resulting in a viral worldwide hit.

2. The storyline: connecting the dots

We have to ask ourselves what are characteristics or attributes of value can engage our audience and ensure a coherent narrative around it. What is the storyline behind the song? Is there a relevant experience related to the song you can share? Once you lay out a creative brainstorm revolving around what makes your release special, you will easily identify the layer to add that will enhance the emotional experience or message you want your viewers to feel or relate to. Context is always something the audience appreciates and results in media echo. A perfect example is the worldwide hit Shakira just made in her latest session with Bizarrap about her latest breakup.

Jax uses her story time with the girl she babysits to explain the meaning behind the song she wrote for her. This combined with the video of her reaction is once again, a perfect example of how choosing the right layering strategy can boost the outreach of your music.

3. Be a part of your communnity

Sometimes starting from scratch can be hard. Not everything has to be born from the background of your music. Remember cultural forces and trends are tools you can use creatively to relate them to your content creation. Starting from tendencies that already possess media echo, will not only increase your outreach but will also prove you are one creative genius.

The emergence of the TikTok artist, Benson Boone, is one of the countless examples of this technique. The singer recently released his single “Sugar Sweet” and took AI, a topic that everybody is talking about, as a marketing tool to promote it, recreating a video where he supposedly asks AI to create a hit in his style but sassier.

4. Make it dynamic

Once you have set the tone and established the elements to enhance your storyline, find a dynamic way to make it appealing to the audience. Involving your audience in some way as part of your personal process magnifies the interaction and therefore, the emotional connection with your viewers. Adding text, a perfect caption, or visual effects can captivate your audience. When it comes to virality, the more dynamic your videos are, the more chances a trend can be born and extended through your community, Boosting your content also includes paying attention to the comment section, and any type of interaction you can have with your community. Create conversation and reinforce your community.

Lewis Capaldi is a good example when it comes to adapting these techniques to your personality. The artist uses humor and contrasts his emotional love songs with a more satiric tone. If you don’t feel like being deep or following trends, find something potential for the audience you can relate to and make it your own brand.

5. Analytics: identify how to engage

Test different styles and don’t be afraid to experiment. Use metrics and watch out for how your viewers interact with your content, the format, and style… and keep creating. Find what they’re asking for and deliver, without losing sight of your own personal value and authenticity. Consider using relevant hashtags related to your content to help you find the right audience, and remember video performance extends over several months, so be patient through time to develop your analysis.

6. Consistency is key

Once you have seen what works with your audience, use the same format and keep engaging. Using a consistent visual style, theme or format will help you build a recognizable brand and help viewers find you and engage more easily with your videos.

Definitely, whether it’s promoting your music, yourself as an artist, or any music-related content, the layering strategy can be an effective way to connect with your audience and create an authentic, creative, and strong brand on Tik Tok. If you want to know more about how to work your content on Tik Tok, make sure to check out our blogs “Not on Tik Tok… Should I?” and “How to work your music on Tik Tok”. Stay tuned for more tips!

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