Zero fans and first single coming up…how to make the most of it? 

Zero fans and first single coming up…how to make the most of it? 

You´ve just started your career, you have all your music recorded and ready to release, but no idea how to go on from there. How will you get your music heard with no audience yet. The starting point is of course, building your audience step by step.


This piece is all about giving specific and direct tips on how to build an audience around your starting career and your first piece of music. The combination of all of them will guarantee you visibility and a coherent and solid head start.


  • Everyone has a community, always, no matter how small. 


There are no bigger fans than your friends and family. They’re there to support you. Don’t underestimate the power that comments, shares and streams from your friends and family can have. It’s a snowball effect that may take time, but it doesn’t stop rolling and growing. Everything is an opportunity to get something in front of someone who hasn’t seen or heard about you before. 


In this sense, a crucial part of the strategy is preparing a unique message for friends, family and all of your contacts and encouraging them to share your work by explaining what it means, the story behind it and showing the difference that their share can make to you. They’ll be happy to do it but it’s your job to let them know what you´re up to. 


  • Have a solid brand before your release


Make sure that everything is ready before even considering a release. Have your social media accounts ready and create pathways between them. People will take you more seriously as an artist if your brand is on point with a marked aesthetic, quality pictures, attractive bio, because the first few releases are more about quality and experiences, it’s more about people paying attention to you. 


Deciding who you are as an artist and how you´re gonna be seen is the center of it all. Try to describe your music project with three words, pick them wisely. Once you´ve done it, act consequently. For example: fun, twisted and wild. Be sure that your bio, photo shoots, videos and the way you communicate represent those three words always. Understanding what the artist’s message is makes people identify themselves with the project easier.


  • Develop a solid pitch


At Melboss, we´ve given special attention to pitching. A good pitch gives an opportunity for your song to be included in editorial playlists. Moreover, it shows how well you can sell your music to others. Be sure to be a storyteller when it comes to pitching. Making a good pitch will also help you tell bits of the story on social media, keeping the audience interested in the facts that usually aren’t shared. If you want to know more details about how to write a good pitch, don´t miss the blog we dedicated to it. 


  • Be open to collaborations


It’s important that you have a heads up for possible collaborations with influencers. Be on top of trends and try to identify those people that could really add value to your song and your project. Make them a collaboration proposal, be personal and direct. Once your song is posted by an influencer things can change drastically from day to night.


Not only influencers can help, but independent curators too. Pitching directly to independent curators is an effective way to get your song included in playlists. Use your previously built pitch and use it to contact independent curators, start your database and you´ll be securing that your song gets streamed, which is in the end the ultimate goal. 



  • Networking


Networking is the final tip that sums it all up. Your audience will grow as fast as your networking contacts grow. If it all comes down to that, start networking, share your music, ask for it to be shared. Open up, search for contacts, be restless. We’ve also shared a previous blog about networking, so make sure you visit it to get the full scope. 

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