So you want to be a producer, but where do you start?

So you want to be a producer, but where do you start?

“Music producer” is probably one of the most ambiguous music job titles out there and its definition varies depending on whom you ask. Music producers have many backgrounds and wear many hats in the industry; some are musicians, some are engineers, some are remixers le vrai viagra.

However, there is one thing a music producer should have above all things, and this is a passion for music. A music producer is an expert of music in his or her genre whose exhaustive knowledge should outgo that of anyone else.Logan movie download

The biggest challenge for any music producer is transforming songs into hits. You must have a good ear. This will give you the necessary vision to transform a normal song into a marketable hit and think ahead when deciding which songs have a true potential to be included in an album project. It may help having a working knowledge of music which will provide you with a competitive insight into the creative process. The technical knowhow of playing music will also give you one step ahead when recording others.

As a music producer, your primary responsibility is to record music. Needless to say, you will make yourself more valuable if you hone technical skills in mixing and recording music.

To get started, there’s no need to splash out on equipment. A few microphones, a MIDI controller and a pre-amp will get you on your feet. As for recording software, you’re spoilt for choice. Apple’s Garageband is a cheap tool if you’re an absolute beginner before advancing to more professional softwares such as Logic Pro 9 and Ableton. A lot of dedicated hours and an ear for music will pave the way to a thorough understanding of mixing.

However, in many cases a music producer plays the role of a mentor, a manager or a talent scout, leaving technical requirements aside. Rick Rubin is a clear example of a successful music producer who lacks in technical skills and is yet responsible for making artists go big. In his case, he carefully chooses different mix engineers to work with on each project. Rather than focusing on more technical aspects, he is naturally gifted in bringing an artist’s vision to life.

Jake Bugg at 19 years of age has recently finished recording his second album, Shangrila, at Rubin’s Malibu studio.

Breaking into the business is a whole entire story. Networking comes yet again as a fundamental skill. Believe it or not, Ryan Lewis and Macklemore actually met on MySpace which goes to show the potential that online networking has. Melboss will not only let you showcase your work but also give you the chance of finding artists to record and other producers with whom to collaborate!


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