Perform at a Melboss Talks event hosted by Tami LaTrell

Perform at a Melboss Talks event hosted by Tami LaTrell

Would you like the chance to perform at the Melboss Talks event hosted by Tami LaTrell? 


On October 7th, Melboss Talks returns as an online event hosted by Tami LaTrell, the multi-platinum and GRAMMY-nominated songwriter from Atlanta. LaTrell will teach us about the business of songwriting including the importance of copyright, song splits breakdown, types of music publishing royalties, how to collect royalties, and earning more.


This exclusive event will be held via Zoom with a maximum guest capacity of 100 music professionals. Artists and music industry professionals from all around the world are invited to join us. 

This Melboss Talks event will be a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of the music industry and to receive first-hand feedback and experience from the guest speakers and attendees.

Each Melboss Talks is complemented by live music from an invited artist- providing artists with more exposure and visibility.


Are you an RnB artist/band and want to perform at the event?


  • Melboss Music is launching an opportunity to RnB artists/bands interested in performing a 30 minutes showcase from their home/ studio (remotely).  
  • The artist/band will receive a free social media audit to understand their online presence and how to improve it.
  • RnB artists/ bands from any country are welcome to apply.  RnB with Latin fusion will be a plus!
  • Tami LaTrell will select one band/artist to perform after her masterclass.
  • The deadline for submissions is September 27th.
  • The winner of the opportunity will be announced on October 2nd.
  • Important: All the people who will send their application will be entitled to a 25% discount in our digital marketing service.


How to enter


Melboss Profile


If not already a Melboss user, register and complete a profile at . Users must have the following uploaded to their profiles before entering the opportunity:

  • Photos of the artist or band
  • Videos of the artist or band
  • Biography


Upload a song


After completing the profile, users MUST apply on the opportunity page, uploading the song they want to be considered. Users who do not upload a song will not be entered into the competition.


Submissions period: September 07 – September 27 2020.





If you want to assist to the Melboss Talks, please visit this page and reserve your spot.



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