Musicians without Social Media, do they really exist?

Musicians without Social Media, do they really exist?

Today, social media is the cornerstone of your music career. It’s what lets you stay in touch with your fans and easily notify them with exciting news. Learn more about the importance of social media for musicians by pop music journalist Hugh McIntyre.

Whether you like it or not, social media has become incredibly important, and not just as the new way to waste time. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are both incredibly popular and powerful, and though some aren’t fans of them, most people are on either one or all of the big three, and the amount of time they spend there is impressive. These sites have gone from fun pastimes to the primary way that people speak to one another, gather their news, and more.

So, what exactly is social media good for? A lot, but here are the three main areas you’ll want to concern yourself with, even if you aren’t a fan of the socials.

Information and News

Back in the day, if you wanted to let your fans know you were going on tour and that you’d soon be visiting their town, there were a handful of ways you had to put the word out, such as press releases, advertisements, and sending mail to your fanclub. Now, it’s all digital.

If you want to do promotion correctly, you’re going to need to have a presence on social channels, and you’re going to want to do them right. Share tour dates, news about upcoming single and album releases, and everything in between. Keeping your fans informed is the best way to ensure they know what’s coming and when…and especially how to buy. This isn’t just a slightly easier way to get the word out, it’s an enormous part of how you make your living, so don’t easily dismiss social media.


There is no better way to share, well, pretty much everything than social media. Think about it. How else are you going to show your most diehard fans what you’re up to?

Sharing can be as personal as a picture of you and your loved ones, or as simple as posting a link to your new music video. It is incredibly easy, and these days, people expect it. If you don’t put your content in front of them, there’s a pretty good chance they won’t see it. People simply don’t go looking for much these days, so you have to serve it to them where they already are, and the vast majority of the people you’re trying to reach are spending a lot of their time on the big three social channels.


Because of the internet and streaming services, people now have more musical options than ever before. They can bounce from one band to another, picking up new favorite songs as they go. Loyalty to one act or another is going down, though it certainly isn’t gone entirely.

While you certainly need great music to attract fans, it takes more than that to keep them around (and loving you). Social media allows you to connect with people on levels of intimacy previously not available on a large scale. Sharing what you had for breakfast or what you’re wearing to a party tonight might seem silly and trivial, but it helps those that enjoy your music feel closer to you. Making real, in-person relationships is great and will never be beat, but when you’re talking about thousands or even millions of people, that’s not always possible.

Social media allows your fans to get to know you, and viceversa. The closer you are with them, the more loyal they’ll be, and that’s incredibly important in any business situation.

Some companies such as Melboss help artists to connect and grow their fan base. This is the best way to different yourself from other emerging or established musicians by showcasing your work and solidifying your relationship with your audience though leading marketing strategies.

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