Melboss Believes In Stars!

It is true that technology today opens tons of opportunities for musicians to share music with other artists online, develop musical taste, and brand artistic tone, style and genre. It leaves no more room for doubts in today’s world, and anyone can make music and promote it online. However, when seeking to shift your music career to the next level, it is best recommended by many, to live in one of the bigger industry focused cities like New York City and Los Angeles. As these are the best locations to interact with music and entertainment professionals who would be happy to check out your sound, skills set, and network.
But what if you don’t live in any of these major cities? That’s not a problem because Melboss, after having landed in Los Angeles, is ready to take off worldwide – providing the right environment for all of its users.
Melboss founders, Francisco Buendia and Filippo Tartari, started this idea with a big vision, beyond all their expectation. They did so by changing the entire way we deal with music as a business. First and foremost, was the need to provide a friendly environment for musicians to network and build their reach. And then came the opportunity to link them with Music Executives, Grammy Awards Winning Producers, and A&R representatives, among others, who have many years of experience in the industry.
They have been pulling strings in Hollywood and its surrounding areas, and are in constant need of new material, as well as new artists to promote. In addition to their many online connections, Francisco and Filippo are planning upcoming VIP events in the greater Los Angeles area, which are open to all Melboss users who wish to explore new opportunities for collaboration with today’s Industry Professionals.
Flash News— We have enabled our new app which allows any artist to submit a track for a wide review by one of our Music Executives. When you feel ready to get your track heard and reviewed, you upload your track on our site, choose your Music Professional, press submit, and wait for a response. The selected Pro will take a few days to listen to your track and write his/her comments and suggestions. Our crew is interested to connect with musicians who want to get their music out to the world, and who are ready for the challenge.
Your job is to work on a song, submit it online using our track review app, and open your mind to the possibilities that surround your craft. When you believe in yourself, we do too! And to make it even easier for you to take advantage of this opportunity, we will give you our promotional code for 50% off to submit your first review.
Good luck on your journey!