Marketing Strategies for Musicians

Marketing Strategies for Musicians

As a musician, it is important to recognize the importance of marketing. While many creatives struggle with the idea of having the words artistic and marketing in the same sentence, it is important to recognize that the two are not mutually exclusive.

While it’s true that as an artist you must establish your brand and stay true to your passion, it is also true that you must investigate the most efficient strategies to promote and sell your brand.

“It’s a privilege to play music for a living. Even more, it’s a privilege to have an audience. Respect that.”  — Bob Lefsetz (Music Business Consultant, Blogger)

Having an audience to appreciate your talent is what musicians strive for and it should never be viewed in a negative way. Communicating and engaging with your fans and other viewers is an important part of the artistic world.

“Anybody that forms a group, writes songs and releases records and says they don’t care if people like them are complete liars.”  — James Dean Bradfield, Manic St. Preachers

Somehow, marketing has developed a bad reputation for being sneaking and deceptive. However, marketing, especially good marketing, takes social and advertising strategies and uses them to communicate with others.

After first establishing your brand, it is important to stay consistent and true to yourself. What is your story? What are you trying to tell your fans? Maintain your image and then craft your messages clearly and carefully.

Next, it is necessary to set a specific amount of time aside each day for creative work. This time is absolutely fundamental for a musician. While it may feel a bit robotic, it is the only way to ensure advancement. Needless to say, every day will not consist of record-breaking hits, but it is necessary to create both good and bad material in order to eventually achieve great material.

Lastly, it is crucial to ask questions and embrace both positive and negative feedback. Some of the best feedback will be negative, it is important to embrace this feedback as a learning experience. Questions will lead you to new places and your audience will never tire of answering such questions.

As a musician you should always value and follow your passion, but, never forget that marketing is equally as important for success.