A vocal coach hears the mistakes you don’t


One of the most important steps to becoming a good singer is developing good hearing. You have to realize when you come in flat or sharp on a note before working on being square note for note. A vocal coach hears and sees what a vocalist sometimes fails to capture, which is why vocal training is so important to develop a better understanding of your voice.

A good coach will help you improve in different areas and correct problems and bad habits you were probably unaware of. A coach should also have the ability to stretch you according to your abilities at your own pace. Each lesson ought to help you grow as a singer, where the coach helps you develop your style, expand your voice range amongst many other techniques.

It is a job in itself finding a coach who is an excellent vocalist themselves and who will help you understand and deliver technique. You have to be careful when choosing a vocal coach, because just as a good coach will do wonders for a singer”s voice development, a bad singing coach will be quite detrimental to your voice in the long run.

You”re looking for a singing coach who will give you focused and effective classes and whose methodology is tailored to your voice”s strengths and weaknesses. Before engaging with your future coach, previous online research on his or her own singing will give you an idea of how good a singer the coach is and how inspirational it will be for your own singing. Many singing coaches aren”t singers, but other vocal teachers, such as Ken Tamplin, say that the proof is in the singing. Would you go to a guitar teacher who can´t actually show you how to physically play something?  However, it doesn”t all come down to singing. You need someone who is also an excellent teacher and will be able to guide you and bring the best out of you.

The most important thing is to also feel comfortable with whom you will be having your singing lessons. You have to be at ease with someone whose job is to explore your voice and spot  the mistakes. Singing badly is the first step towards singing well. Our mission at Melboss is to connect the right musicians with each other to see music professionals and careers grow. This is why it will be easy for Melboss users to look for coaches on our site and engage with singing coaches who suit them best.

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