Elevate your music career with these top AI platforms

Elevate your music career with these top AI platforms

Artificial Intelligence is transforming how artists are creating, producing and promoting their music. Being aware of the right platforms to have in your toolkit has never been more essential.

At Melboss Music, we’ve handpicked some applications that will transform and optimize your work, empowering your music to overcome challenges you may encounter during your musical projects:


Would you like to have your own music manager?

We’re starting the blog with a bit of self promotion, because, why not? As you know we’ve been busy making the ultimate AI powered music manager to help you promote your music career.

With Smart Music Manager you get your own music manager that guides you towards efficient music promotion. How does this translate?


  • You get a personalized social media plan to make the most of your music release.
  • You get to see all of your social media and streaming insights in one place to better know your audience.
  • Full time optimization with AI tools handling content creation on social media for you.
  • Constant tips and advice every step of the way! The best part? Invitations are already open and the BETA version will be available soon. Sign up here to elevate your music career.

The best part? Invitations are already open and the BETA version will be available soon. Sign up here to elevate your music career.


Taken from: https://www.melboss.com

Looking to invest less time in music production without compromising quality?

Soundful, an AI song generator, allows you to shape your songs and find a unique sound through its editing option. It creates tracks across various musical genres and offers a wide range of templates to choose from. Moreover, it’s an excellent choice for monetizing your music across different platforms.


Struggling to find the perfect tune for your project?

Aiva is a platform to personalize and generate original music for your audiovisual content. It employs advanced algorithms to craft unique soundtracks tailored to each user’s preferences and needs.


Facing writer's block with your song lyrics?

Another AI-based music generator, BeatBot, not only produces music but also assists with song lyrics. Simply specify the musical genre and the message you want to convey, and it provides ideas for both music and lyrics. This can help overcome writer’s block and kickstart your songwriting process.


Taken from: https://www.toolify.ai/es/tool/beatbot

Worried about infringing copyright?

Boomy, like the previous applications, follows similar parameters for editing and creation. However, it sets itself apart by enabling the creation of music without using copyrighted songs, simplifying distribution and avoiding legal issues.


Struggling to concentrate while working on your projects?

Boosting productivity through music is possible with Brain.fm. This app allows you to design music to aid concentration, inspiration, and influence the mood of your audience, depending on the desired outcome of your song.


Having trouble with music distribution and mastering?

LANDR stands out by simplifying music distribution across various streaming platforms. Additionally, it aids in promotion and collaboration with other creators on social media. Moreover, it offers professional music mastering at a lower cost, ensuring optimal results through AI-driven mastering with human sound technicians’ oversight.

Taken from: https://www.landr.com/es/

65% of artists are now using AI to create music. If you’re reading us, we’re sure you’re one of them and at Melboss we want to make sure you get the best advice on which platforms to use for better performance. Keep an eye out for all this and more right here.

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