Networking for better music connections 

Networking for better music connections 


Networking is about building relationships and making connections with key figures within an industry, often in an informal social setting. For artists, networking has become key in order to succeed. In a world where millions of songs are uploaded everyday, you need a solid network to help you stand out. You can network anywhere: at events, through social media, and specially during happy hours. It’s basically about meeting new people and letting them know who you are, what you do, what you can offer and what you´re looking for.

Networking has been often underestimated, but learning to build your network the right way is a vital skill for every career! Let’s get started.


Events, online and offline, are the most explicit and effective form of networking. It can be extremely scary to put yourself out there and meet new people but it could lead to your music career changing overnight. 

How to find these events? Today there are millions of platforms available on the Internet that are specialized in specific events. Searching for them with the right filters is a great way to find events that are suited for you.

Here are some recommended platforms:–networking/; 

Once you’ve found the networking event that fits you, the real search starts. 

Step #1: Find out who is gonna attend to be prepared beforehand. Head straight over to Facebook or LinkedIn and see if there’s an event page. 

Step #2: Write down those contacts that you´re interested in and find out all that you can about their background, their professional experience, etc. Look for topics and interests that you share and you can use as leverage to start a conversation.

The event is coming up. Here are some TIPS TO SUCCESS.


  • Practice your pitch: depict your work plainly and briefly
  • Get some business cards with your name, email and telephone number on them and be prepared to hand them out
  • Prepare a video of your band, a short and dynamic presentation video that grasps your music project in just a few seconds


Once you´re there, the most important thing is just to be yourself, keep it real,  if you’ve prepared, feel confident that you’ve got everything you need to make new business connections. 

It doesn’t  have to be strictly about music, the conversation can be about common interests in whichever area. The goal is to get the contact, not to close a deal right there. It’s only the first step to making a solid connection, the most important step.

A key moment in networking is the ability to follow up in a timely manner. Don’t give them the chance to forget you, tell them it was great to meet them, invite them to a gig, send them your new track, anything that keeps them updated, that keeps you on the back of their mind.  If you couldn’t manage to get their number or email, that’s the moment when you need to search for them on LinkedIn and try to connect and message them. 



You may have noticed that an important aspect of networking is the online world. Sometimes it all happens here, without any chance to network face to face. Which is why artists should develop the necessary skills to share their work in a compelling way and make new contacts without seeming to violate their privacy. How we approach people online is a very delicate and decisive matter.

The three best platforms to be networking with musicians and people of the industry are Instagram, LinkedIn and Tik Tok (make sure you read our blog about how you music is gonna be listened to thanks to Tik Tok)

Today all social platforms have relevant tools for networking, especially for artists. Not only is it important to search for key figures online, but also to engage with those that are already interacting with you. Start jumping into the comments, into the conversations. 

As for LinkedIn, it’s a great place to find events and directly contact organizations and people from the industry. Be discrete, be respectful of their time and always make sure you´re offering something in return, make a smart proposition. Do not only use LinkedIn for searching but also for posting, what you post says a lot about you and can capture the attention of those you´re trying to reach, be strategic about your posting!

Tik Tok is a great place to show your music and have it echoed. Ask your friends to use your song on their videos, contact other artists to make duos. The key is to make the most of all the features the platforms are offering today.

Stay out of the comfort zone and ‘’be the kind of person you would like to meet’’.

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