ADS Performance: top tips from our team

ADS Performance: top tips from our team

In the evolution of marketing, AD campaigns are a key factor in increasing the outreach our professionals seek. Successful performance can become one of the touchstones that help the achievement of our goals. Today, we sit down with Álvaro Marín, our Performance Marketing Lead, to discuss interesting topics surrounding this area inside the music industry.


What makes a successful campaign?

“Actually, it depends on the goal you’re pursuing. It is important to correctly identify what you need in order to establish the proper steps that seek the campaign’s success. At Melboss we are always seeking the best result, empathizing with our clients, and being part of their team. Our success is the success of our clients, making Melboss a profitable partner for their projects.”

Is there any difference between an ad for an artist and a regular ad for a company? What elements stand out?

“Definitely. Nowadays, ads tend to be more organic, no matter if they are from an artist or a company. However, there are elements that make the difference, since the goals are often different. 

If I have to highlight a difference, it would be that artists usually seek to create their own community. Meanwhile, companies seek the highest performance

What are the new features that we should watch out?

“No more creating professional ads. Artists must participate even more than ever. 

What do I mean by this? Authenticity and resonating with your audience has always been important, but everything points at the reign of UGC (User Generated Content). Bombing your audience with ads is never going to lead you to the results you look for. This is why it is important to watch out for what your audience needs and is asking for, and make relevant content revolving around it. 

Attracting your audience instead of pushing them to your offer is one of the best tips I can give, especially in times where privacy and boundaries stand as a first base value for every target audience. Quality over quantity.

On the other hand, we can’t oversee the power AI can give you to make personalized campaigns. Generative AI tools allow us to accurately target our ads, from bidding and budgeting optimizations to identifying patterns for targeted campaigns and analyzing large data sets. 

All of it grants a bigger focus on creative and innovative executions which results in a bigger possibility of engagement and drive conversions through personalized campaigns.

The last feature I would highlight is “visuality”. Visuals and short-video forms have dominated digital campaigns and will continue to be a key feature that will be boosted by the algorithm of every platform used by an artist.”

What should an artist be taking into account when planning / creating an AD campaign?

“There are many elements we must take into consideration. The size of your audience, their age range, their interests, their periods of must activity, the medium… and their investment. At Melboss we help artists and companies to manage their ads in the most profitable and optimal way.”

Could you share 5 essential tips from Melboss for optimizing an AD campaign in 2023?

“My top 5 tips that every professional should consider are:

  • Generate as much promotional content as possible.
  • Scheduling! Plan all your campaigns in time from the beginning.
  • Test the content and see what brings you the best results.
  • Control the investment based on the days with the highest and lowest performance.
  • Don’t be obsessive about results, but keep an eye on it.”

If a DIY artist wants to set up his own campaigns, which websites or blogs would Melboss recommend as essentials to follow and learn?

“I must highly recommend the Google blog to stay up to date with the latest news on the platform.

On the other hand, I recommend other blogs like Search Engine Land or WordStream to understand how the environment changes.”

Which is the best platform to advertise nowadays?

“META Ads is the best platform to reach your audience or similar and to promote your project within the music industry. However, other platforms such as TikTok Ads or Spotify Ads have been gaining strength since last year, but they still have a long way to go.”

What about TikTok ADS, what are Melboss predictions for this year?

“TikTok is a great platform to increase your visibility. At Melboss we use it to make our clients known and reach new audiences. However, the platform is not that reliable when it comes to conversion campaigns… I hope that this year TikTok can optimize these types of goals.”

Would you say that TikTok ADS is reaching the same exposure as META?

“TikTok has the same or greater exposure than META, since the content is shared more and it is easier to create a real community.”

Would you recommend TikTok ADS to independent artists?

“Absolutely. TikTok is the new radio of the 21st century and every independent artist should be on TikTok and promote their best content.”

Let's talk about AI, since it is definitely the hot topic lately, how can AI help Performance Marketing? How is Melboss using it?

“AI offers endless possibilities, so we can take advantage of them in many ways. Analysis, action plans, images and copies generation… are some of these possibilities that Melboss is already working on.”

Definitely, the next years will be full of new opportunities, and learning how to optimize your campaigns will bring you closer to your goal. Be sure to stay in tune with all the musical promotion trends in Melboss Spotlight!

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