Smart Music Manager: Get your music career to the next stage

Smart Music Manager: Get your music career to the next stage

After two years of hard work (very hard work) we are excited to announce that Smart Music Manager is ready to be tested by YOU. Smart Music Manager is an AI powered platform that helps artists get their music career to the next stage. 


It is now in the ALPHA version, and if you want to be the first to try it out, you just have to join ‘Melboss Soundcheck’, the testing program, and ask for your free invitation here


Melboss’s Smart Music Manager was created to contribute to the music community that has supported for years, especially independent artists, who have played an important role in our journey. With this new tool, you can focus on what really matters: your music. Meanwhile, you will have your own music manager, offering guidance to make your music stand out. 

Why should you join ‘Melboss Soundcheck’ and what can you expect from Smart Music Manager?

· Keep up with the ever evolving music industry.

Smart Music Manager is the result of years of experience in the music industry and collaborating with artists like you, therefore, it will provide you with invaluable insights and support. This means you can navigate the rapid changes in the music industry confidently, without the added stress.

· Grow your fanbase without being a digital marketing expert

You don’t need to become an expert in this field. After years of working and putting efforts into your music, we want you to stay focused on what really matters while you receive tips & advice from your music manager on how to grow your community.

· Optimize your time to generate content on social media

Imagine managing all your content in one place. The platform’s AI tools will help you create all sorts of content: from your new single cover to the caption of your next post.

· Don't be overwhelmed by the number of tools and platforms available

Find the convenience of having all your statistics, personalized marketing plans, and daily tasks in one place, intuitively.

Why join the Melboss Soundcheck program?

  1. Be part of the development of Smart Music Manager by sharing your opinions and suggestions to improve the platform.
  2. Access new features and updates before anyone else, testing them before their official release.
  3. Influence the future of Smart Music Manager, ensuring that the platform meets your needs as an artist.
  4. Be recognized as a pioneer and key contributor to the evolution of Smart Music Manager.
  5. Collaborate closely with our development team to shape the future of the platform.
  6. Celebrate your contribution to the artist community by being an active part of the Smart Music Manager Testing Program.

Once you register, you’ll immediately be part of Melboss Soundcheck, which will unlock you all sorts of benefits:

  • Test Smart Music Manager before anyone else.

  • Meet your AI Companion.

  • Access a “Lifetime” subscription offer at a reduced price when the Soundcheck program ends.

  • Exclusive access to the Melboss Soundcheck Discord.

  • Direct contact with the developers.

  • Exclusive access to webinars with the team.

  • Access to exclusive giveaways and prizes for our testers.

  • Get 5 invitations for other artist friends.

Join the new era in your music, be part of Melboss Soundcheck, and start today to take your music to the next stage. Sign up here. 

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