Top trends for top creative content: discover the latest!

Top trends for top creative content: discover the latest!

This month we’re back with more tips and trends to better promote your career. We’ll share the most important updates on social and streaming platforms that can help you create more dynamic and creative content.

In this blog, we’ll cover:

  1. How to make the most of Instagram fan interaction with the new updates
  2. Ticketing opportunities on TikTok
  3. New content creation and monitoring tools on Facebook 
  4. YouTube upgrades its AI tools for content creation

Make the most of Instagram with these new updates

  • New options like group chats and a notes wall on the profile, which will encourage interaction with your community, especially the younger audience, who are the ones who use the notes tool the most.
  • The “Add Yours” tool in Stories continues to be popular; you can use it to follow trends or create personalized content, allowing you to generate greater visibility by creating your own templates for others to use.
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Take advantage of the new opportunities growing on TikTok

  • Visibility for videos longer than one minute is increasing, with most users spending a significant amount of time consuming this type of content.
  • Buying tickets from TikTok is now possible; you can promote your shows from the app, and users will be able to access these tickets more easily and with purchasing facilitation.
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  • In-app purchases are on the rise, so if you have merchandising, you can seize this opportunity to boost the market from within this application.

Facebook wants you to be at the forefront of content creation.

  • Facebook is testing a new AI-based feature for Reels where, after analyzing your video, it will create three different content options for you, changing the description and thumbnail, and then analyzing which one performs best on your profile.
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  • You’ll be able to obtain a deeper analysis of your Reels, including when they were viewed and at what point they were stopped, helping you better understand your audience and their preferences.
  • The new milestone feature rewards you each time you track your progress, offering benefits such as easier growth in the application, increased visibility, and the opportunity to obtain the Rising Creator badge, which will help users discover your profile sooner.
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Artificial intelligence continues to grow big on YouTube with these projects.

  • YouTube continues to facilitate ways for you to enhance your creativity, which is why many of its updates are focused on content creation with artificial intelligence tools, such as Dream Screen.
  • The platform recently started collaborating with various artists to use their voices with AI and generate new audio in Shorts; this could potentially become a future projection for artists where you can register your voice in a catalog in Shorts.

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