The latest music industry design trends for 2024

The latest music industry design trends for 2024

Graphic design is one of the most powerful communication tools, and when it comes to the music industry, it’s fundamental to get it right. A great part of an artist’s identity is revealed thanks to how he communicates visually. At Melboss, graphic design is a priority for all of our projects. Today, we wanted to share some of the new trends for this 2024 directly from our lead designer, Agustina Costante. As a bonus, Agus also shares some of her tips for creating successful work in the music industry and gives her perspective on AI as a powerful tool in design.

How is the day-to-day life of a graphic designer at Melboss?

“The day-to-day life of a graphic designer at Melboss is quite dynamic. We always start by reviewing pending tasks with our task manager and talking to each project manager to assess priorities and urgencies for the day. Then, it’s time to get to work on the tasks at hand. We start by resolving issues and seeing how the day unfolds, how new priorities emerge, and so on. But that’s the day: continuous communication and discussion with the team to address whatever arises.”


What do you enjoy most about working at Melboss?

“The teamwork. The communication we have with members of other teams is crucial, and the work environment makes it super enjoyable to work, even though, obviously, some days are more challenging than others. But the people we work with are the great differentiator for Melboss compared to other places.”


What do you think are the major differences in graphic design in the music industry compared to other sectors? What would you say are the main challenges?

“The truth is that graphic design within the music industry doesn’t differ much from graphic design work in advertising, but the big challenge lies in always maintaining the aesthetic of each artist and staying true to what they want to communicate and convey. So, that’s the biggest challenge we face every day: ensuring that the content we create is understood, reaches the fans in the best possible way and respects the essence of the artist or project


How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and updates in graphic design within the music industry?

“To stay updated with the latest trends in design, what we always do is have a weekly team meeting to share cool new things we’ve seen. We always review different platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and other sites that are great references for music and graphic design as well.

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And once a month, we always have a meeting with Melboss content creators to also stay updated on new ways to communicate, not only from a design standpoint but also from the functionality of the content.


The use of social media is part of the daily life of artists, and there are increasingly more platforms for content distribution. What do you take into account when designing for different platforms?

“It’s essential to stay updated on how these platforms are evolving: new formats, new technical specifications to consider, where to place text, where not to, and the reading time for each piece of content. In other words, being concise about when important information appears, so we can capture the attention of the viewer and maintain consistency in what we communicate on each social media platform. Not all platforms are the same; they don’t all communicate in the same way or to the same audience. So, it’s crucial to understand what to communicate on each platform to avoid repetition and ensure that all content is of quality and importance.”


Can you share a recent project that was challenging and you're proud of the outcome?

“One of the standout projects in recent months was for Dromedario Records, where we handled all the communication for a new album release and merchandise for a rock band. It was truly a challenge; we had to work against the clock because we needed to stay in tune with all the changes requested and resolve the urgencies that arose from both the client’s side and ours, in terms of organizing schedules. So, I’m very pleased with the result; the team responded spectacularly, and we all worked together in harmony, from performance to project management and design.


Starting a new year after 2023 that has been marked by AI, what trends do you think will be implemented in 2024?

“In 2024, the trend will continue to be artificial intelligence as the number one trend. But also, bringing back aesthetics from the 2000s, from the 90s, super bright colors, the use of more fantasy-type fonts and not so much the generic ones we usually use, remains very much in vogue. Minimalism also makes a comeback within these strong colors, but also brings a bit of flat design, which is still going strong, but all hand in hand with artificial intelligence and content generation from this new technology.”

The anti-design trend has been very present in 2023. Do we continue with that approach or the opposite?

“There is a trend towards anti-design, yes. The reality is that the more organic or natural the content is, the more attention it grabs. But it’s like with makeup, the ‘no-makeup’ look; it’s a bit the same. There’s always a lot of work behind it, and anti-design actually requires even more work than obvious design. So, I do think there’s a trend to continue with that, to show that artists have super natural and organic content that emerged in the moment. But behind that, there’s a team working to make it more noticeable and better.


As we mentioned before, AI has been very present in the last year. How has Melboss incorporated artificial intelligence in the field of graphic design?

“Well, the way we’ve incorporated Artificial Intelligence into the daily workflow of the design team was primarily to improve production times. There are many tools that make it easier to edit audio or enhance the quality of an image or video. So, from that perspective, we found that Artificial Intelligence has helped us a lot in focusing on the quality of the content and being able to leave more automated tasks to AI. From there, we combine the best of both worlds.”

As a graphic designer, how do you foresee the future of AI?

“Well, as a graphic designer, predicting the future of Artificial Intelligence is somewhat difficult. There’s always the fear that AI will replace us, that we won’t be as essential anymore. However, I believe that even today, it’s evident that Artificial Intelligence cannot exist without professionals because it feeds on the material we generate as professionals. I see it as an evolution and as a matter of adapting and integrating it with the knowledge one already has. Instead of feeling threatened, it’s about welcoming AI as another tool for work and professional improvement

Stay tuned for more tips from the team and let us know which other topics would you like to read about related to artificial intelligence in the music industry

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