Meet our new mentor, Rick Garcia!

Rick Garcia - Melboss Mentors

Meet our new mentor, Rick Garcia!

Rick Garcia is a songwriter and composer who began his music career performing and touring with local bands in Austin, Texas, before relocating to Los Angeles. He entered the film world as a singer andslowly transitioned to writing and producing music. In 2004 Garcia co-wrote and performed many songs, including the theme song for Collateral starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx.


He has also written and performed songs for films like Brokeback Mountain, Seven Pounds, The Interpreter, and many more. In 2010 he co-composed the award-winning film score for Another Harvest Moon starring Ernest Borgnine and Doris Roberts.


In 2011 Garcia co-wrote, produced, and performed the songs for Rango, an Academy Award-winning film starring Johnny Depp.


In 2014 Garcia co-wrote, performed, and produced many songs for Disney Animated projects like “Quiet is” and Disney junior move “Lucky Duck” starring Broadway stars Christian Borie and Megan Hilty.


Garcia co-wrote, compose, and produced many songs for award-winning films and directors throughout his career. He had the opportunity to work with renowned film composers Hans Zimmer, Gustavo Santaolalla, James Newton Howard, and Heitor Pereira. He also had the privilege to work with Academy Award-winning film directors: Gore Verbinski, and Ang Lee, as well as Michael Mann, Howard Deutch, and Issa Lopez.


When writing music, Garcia specializes in connecting to people emotionally and making them feel what the words are saying. To him, connection emotionally to the listeners is the most important thing when writing music. It does not matter if you are writing for yourself, a film, or a particular artist.


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