Meet our new mentor, Daisy Morton!

Daisy Morton - Melboss Mentors

Meet our new mentor, Daisy Morton!

Daisy Morton is a music manager who helped managed the careers of Icelandic Singer Bjork and Artivist Blanca Jagger. She has worked on Bjork Digital (Bjork virtual reality music-video exhibition world tour), live shows, DJ sets, and live orchestral archive. Daisy also worked on Bianca Arts for humanity Rights campaign in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood.


Daisy focuses on helping musicians acquire and apply skills that are needed for musicians to excel in this competitive music industry. Plus, she offers the technical mastery for realizing and sustaining dreams using three pillars of knowledge. The first is innovation savviness, the second is music business savviness, and the last is success for the long-haul savviness.


By the end of your time with Daisy Morton, you will have an insider’s understanding of how and why the music industry works the way it does, the strategic and psychological tools learned from today’s superstars to navigate it with stealth, and swagger.


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