Marc Urselli can be your next mentor

Marc Urselli can be your next mentor

Marc Urselli can be your next mentor

Melboss Mentor Marc Urselli, is a 5-time nominated and 3-time Grammy Award-winning audio engineer and producer based in New York City. He’s worked with artists like Lou Reed, Mike Patton, John Zorn, Laurie Anderson, U2, Nick Cave and many, many more.  

Valued across the United States and Europe for both his producing and engineering skills, Urselli is full of experience and talent to help his mentees achieve their goals and advance in their careers.

According to Urselli, a producer is “somebody that knows how to get the best out of every situation and out of the artist…somebody that knows who the best people for the job are, how to arrange something, how to make something come together so that it comes to life…”

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